‘Looking for my loved one’ works as follows:

1 Contact us

Are you worried that a family member, partner, friend or acquaintance has been involved in a disaster or major incident? Are you unable to contact your loved one and are you concerned? If so, please telephone 088 0908 000. 

2 We start the search

You provide the first name, surname, date of birth, sex and address of the person you are looking for. In addition, you provide your own name, telephone number and e-mail address. You also explain your relationship to the person you are looking for and the reason why you think that this person has been caught up in the disaster. 

3 We contact you

We are often able to call you back within six hours. If we have found your loved one, we will inform you of this. If we have been unable to find your loved one, we will also let you know. In the event that your loved one has died, we will not call you; in this case the police will come to inform you.

About ‘Looking for my loved one’

The government can open the ‘Looking for my loved one’ service in the event of a disaster or major incident. It will only do so if there are casualties and if family members, friends and acquaintances are looking for one another: after a train or plane crash, for example, or following an incident at a big event, such as a football match or music concert.

In this case the government will open a national telephone number. Anyone who is concerned can then put in a request to look for a loved one.

Frequently asked questions

View the answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

I have reported my loved one as missing. What happens now?

See what ‘I’m looking for my loved one’ will do for you on our process page.

How long will it take until I hear something about my loved one?

Usually your call will be returned within three hours, but sometimes it takes longer. This depends on the scale of the disaster or incident and how many people are caught up in it. As soon as your loved one has been found, we will update you as quickly as possible. We understand that waiting in this situation is difficult. We will do our best to call you back within six hours, Ook wanneer er dan nog niets bekend is over de persoon die je zoekt.

Why are my details recorded?

We record your details and those of the person you are looking for. This is so that we can pass on any information to you as quickly as possible following our search.

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